Chris L. Keller

Hi. For the last 12 years of my journalism career, I have combined journalism, data analysis, Python and JavaScript to help an audience understand their world. I do this by understanding complex information and distilling it for the reader. If you'll permit the metaphor, I consider the entire iceberg and determine what to convey to the audience.

This includes diving into documents and datasets to find trends. It means placing news events into proper context. It requires tools that make gathering information and surfacing stories more efficient. See, I enjoy breaking down barriers that prevent access to data. I find satisfaction in documenting a process or a workflow to help others work smarter in the future.

As managing editor of Albuquerque Business First, I help our staff prioritize daily and long-term projects. I coach reporters on everything from interviewing techniques to using data and public records to improving their writing. As time permits and news warrants, I find time to pursue data-driven storytelling and automated reporting projects.

I've worked in a variety of roles in various newsrooms since 2002, including as a graphics journalist with the Los Angeles Times' 2020 election team and at KPCC where my work on officer-involved shootings and California wildfires earned multiple awards.

Here is my current resume.

I think these examples of my work demonstrate my skills and my approach to journalism.