Chris L. Keller

Hi. I currently manage the day-to-day newsroom coverage for Albuquerque Business First in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

I've been reporting a lot on the effects of Covid-19 on New Mexico businesses, especially restaurants.

I feel like this story, about an idea for a business airline that failed to take flight, is one of the best things I have written in a long time.

Lately, I've jumped back into MadLibs journalism — inspired by the likes of Matt Waite, Ben Welsh, Ken Schwencke and many others — and brought the concepts into Observable notebooks.

My latest example takes monthly residential housing reports and attempts to turn them into contextual stories about the Albuquerque market.

The residential housing market notebook builds off an experiment that writes a story every two weeks when the state of New Mexico updates its Covid-19 metrics. When the underlying data updates, my notebook updates not only the visualizations, but calculates which counties improved their performance in two key areas and writes story text that reflects that.

I've worked in a variety of roles in various newsrooms since 2002, but for the past 10 years or so of my journalism career, I have blended journalism, data analysis, JavaScript and Python to help an audience understand their world.

Most recently I blended journalism, data analysis and computer programming as a graphics and editor journalist with the Los Angeles Times' 2020 election team. I joined The Times in 2017 as a deputy graphics editor.

Prior to the Times, I worked at KPCC where my work on officer-involved shootings and California wildfires earned multiple awards.

Some past projects I'm proud of include:

Here are some other things that might interest you: